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Created this month, this PFP showcases an adventurer tackling an icefall in Lapland. For the fictional brand Polare Venture, these images highlight performance, made possible with high-quality gear.


ambiance type

AtPro is my photography service for professionals. Whether it’s showcasing products, expertise, personalities, or even your worldview, I’m here to meet your image needs. 


ambiance type

AtArt focuses on my artistic creations. Whether it’s educational projects or solo initiatives, you’ll find all my creative realms here. From architectural photography to landscapes, still lifes, and much more.


ambiance type?

Established in June 2023, ambiance type is a micro-enterprise offering photographic services for businesses. Ambiance type also serves as my artistic portfolio, where original projects and photographic creations from various realms intersect.

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Some numbers

End-to-end service

To best support you in your communication and/or creation project

PFP réalisés

To best understand client projects and develop a professional approach and vision

Month abroad

Precious time for studying but also for developing and executing creative projects

Artistic series

Working with an aesthetic and original eye to reflect on professional communication projects

Another photographer?

Well, not exactly… because I like wearing different hats. And lucky for me, I have two.

1. I’ll translate your desires and needs into images with aesthetic photographs consistent with your vision.

2. Soon to be graduated in Information and Communication Sciences, I’ll also understand and respond effectively to your company’s visibility and communication challenges.

Learn more about me

My name is Martin Auprêtre, I am 20 years old. Currently in Jyväskylä, Finland, I am studying communication in all its forms. Alongside my studies, I take numerous photographs and try to create worlds, projects, and series with diverse messages and aesthetics.

Paris and Sancerre


Between the city and the countryside, between buildings and cabins, two worlds that inspire me and, every day, shape my personality.

Art and communication


Two passions for me are inseparable. Communicating a company’s message through art, particularly photography, is something that drives me.

Curent project

Creative room, or in other words, the artistic exploration of an enclosed space. Season 1: Jyväskylä.

ambiance type and PFP

Professional Fictitious Projects (PFP) are typically sets of photographs taken in a fictional professional setting. This encompasses the constraints, rules, and challenges encountered in a real-life situation. Mostly created before my business activity or in Finland, their goal is to train me to better meet client projects.

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