Photography for Professional Communication

Photographie minimaliste d'une plaque de cuisson

Create your own ambiance type or enhance your business, products, team, or personality with original and impactful shots.

Martin Auprêtre, a freelancer at your service.

I photograph your expertise, your team, your products, or even your events. All of this with an original approach, striving for aesthetics. I cater to your communication needs, aligning with your target audience as well as your personality.

The different types of photography.


Gros plan sur un évier

Showcase your products from a striking angle. Order high-quality photographs to illustrate what you manufacture or sell.


A portrait of your team or yourself? Share faces and personalities through photography. (On-site shooting only.)


Illustrate your expertise, whether it’s traditional or innovative. Professional photographs to showcase your talents.

Commercial buildings

Do you have large offices? A small workshop? Show everyone the space where you work to create closeness with your customers.


Are you organizing an event? Whether it’s for 1 hour or 3 days, you can order a photo reportage to capture and share the moments you create.


Are you in search of identity? Let’s create it together with unique photographs that reflect your personality and your worldview.

Where am I?

I am currently in Jyväskylä, Finland, for a duration of one year. My services in France are therefore suspended until June 2024. I will then be based in Paris. My activity will mainly take place there. However, I am also available in the Cher department (18), particularly in the Sancerre area.

The creative process

I accompany you throughout the creative process of your communication. From imagining the images to realizing them. If you want to break the mold or surprise with original photographs, I’m here.-

And if you want more classic aesthetic shots that meet specific criteria, I’m here too.

So, I adapt to your project. If you have clearly identified needs, I can meet them. I can also help you characterize them to produce the most relevant images for you and your audience.

Do you want to print the photographs?

The images in your workplace? I can handle the entire process, from sending the files to the printer to the final placement of the picture on your wall. On any medium, framed or not, even outdoors, showcase your expertise to your clients with impactful physical materials.

Do you want to share the photographs?

The images on your website, your social media? I can handle the entire process, directly integrating the images into your website or your networks such as Instagram or Facebook. Your clients can then follow your news and discover your skills across the web.


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